In recent years, efforts regarding Health Reform have been successfully implemented while technological and modern health investments have increased and contemporary health policies have been realized. Similarly, Ankara Business Community has particularly become a regional leader by increasing its production of modern, contemporary and technological products and services for the Health Sector. Moreover, activities have been implemented to increase the Health Tourism in Ankara, and facilities providing health services have been significantly developed in terms of quality and quantity.

Introducing these significant developments, products and services in Health Sector to the Turkey Health Graduates who returned to their countries after many years of study in our country will greatly contribute to the reinforcement of communication and the establishment of cooperation and collaboration between nations.

Setting it as a Strategic Aim for Ankara to become one of the most significant commercial and cultural centers in the region and our country, Ankara Chamber of Industry and Ankara Chamber of Commerce will hold “Turkey Graduates Ankara Business Community Health Sector Conference” in order for the members and the Turkey Health Graduates to meet and develop robust and permanent relations.

Over 200 Turkey Health Graduates and international students from more than 50 countries currently studying in Ankara, representatives of the Ankara Health Business Community, Manufacturers of Medical Devices and Medical Supplies as well as Pharmaceutical Companies, and Representatives of Public Institutions and Organizations will be attending the Conference.

During the Conference, matters on Health Tourism, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Health Investments and Health Policies will be discussed while developments and collaboration around the World on Health Reform and Health Sector will be focused on. The Conference program will provide opportunities including on-site visits to health and production facilities, introduction of new technologies and one-to-one meetings between parties.

We hope our Conference will be fruitful and contribute to the regional and global Health Sectors.

Ankara Chamber of Industry
Nurettin Özdebir
Ankara Chamber of Commerce
Gürsel Baran
Governor of Ankara
Ercan Topaca
Minister of Health
Dr. Ahmet Demircan